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Orion Fresh Berry Cake

This Berry Jam Cup Cake with fresh cream is moist and soft. The secret to its softness is the cream that is filled with Berry Jam. The soft cake is spongy and soft. An absolute luxury cupcake that is seasonal! One box has 12 individual cup cakes! Hooray!
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KitKat Nuts and Cranberry (Soy Milk Flavor)

This is not the ordinary chocolate Kitkat, this Kitkat is made with Soy Milk. This sophisticated natural berry snack has a generous topping of dried cranberries and roasted almond nuts that add to both texture and flavour. Make this sophisticated natural berry snack your daily treat and change your diet for the better. After all, why shouldn't chocolate taste great and also be good for you?

KitKat Ruby Chocolate Nuts and Cranberry
キットカット 毎日のナッツ&クランベリー ルビ

Ruby Chocolate KitKats are topped with cranberries and a variety of nuts. They come in mini KitKat bars, intended to be used as a small snack on the go, so that it can be enjoyed whenever and wherever. Making use of cranberries, nuts and ruby chocolate together form a pleasing aesthetic to the eyes and a wonderful taste that will leave you savaging for more.