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Taiwan’s Famous Bubble Milk Tea Mochi
台灣皇族珍珠奶茶大福 (4個入)


This is Taiwan's famous Bubble Tea mochi. The leader of the beverage sector has penetrated into the snack market with a product innovation that caught us by surprise. This mochi is made of 3 layers using Jane Milk Powder, a core ingredient of Bubble Milk Tea, brown sugar and bean paste. The 3 layer in each mochi gives it an extra QQ texture!

Crusty’s Bubble Tea Popcorn

Popcorn has always been a quintessential snack Singapore Crusty’s ventures into the popcorn world with a flavour almost everyone loves: bubble tea. The familiar taste of milk tea will hit immediately upon first try and Crusty really bring the authentic taste of bubble tea. Texture wise, it’s exactly like normal popcorn which is fluffy and delicate.

Taiwan’s Famous Coconut Pandan Mochi
台灣皇族香椰班蘭大福 (6個入)

Royal Family is well known for their soft Japanese style rice cake, better known as Mochi. This Coconut Pandan Mochi is green in color and has a mild pandan taste which is kind of like vanilla.