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Meiji Choco Crisp

Nissin Crisp Chocolate has a light texture that is a mixture of baked cornflakes with rich chocolate. Cocoa beans from Ecuador and also Ghana have come together to make this tasty chocolate. There is truly something unique about Ecuadorian cocoa beans that you can experience it with this chocolate. Nissin crisp chocolate comes with 8 pieces. It has a good and specific mouthfeel that brings you the romantic flavour of the best cocoa beans that you have got to try it. They are perfect for breakfast, tea or supper.

Haitai Butter Ring
버터 링

$8.75 $8.25
Butter rings are always a classic. Dip them in coffee and tea, have a bite and let the butter aroma spreads in your mouth. When I open this box of Butter Rings, it the aroma of Butter is so prevalent that I seem to be standing in front of bakery shops in Korea!