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Oreo From Japan (Crispy Matcha Roll Cake Flavor)

Every year Nabisco Japan releases a couple of new limited-edition flavors. These flavors are always very popular with Oreo fans. This year we have Matcha Roll Cake and Sakura Chiffon Cake! Oreo Crispy are thinner versions of a classic Oreo and only about 3mm thick. They aren’t too sweet nor too messy. Each cookie packs a punch full of flavor and will leave you wanting more. This Matcha Roll Cake is a unique dessert in Japan that offers a great balance of bitterness and sweetness.

Lotte Desert Sand Cookies (Choco and Cream)

A Sandwich biscuits from Lotte. A delicious milk flavored cream sandwiched between chocolate cookies. It is Sweet and milky.

Korean Lotte Choco-Chip Cookie

The popular Choco-Chip Cookie from Lotte Korean. Chic Choc is a homemade classic chocolate chip cookie - soft butter cookie with rich premium chocolate chips! Come and Enjoy the taste of Korea's premier classic chocolate chip cookies.