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Lay’s Thai Potato Chips (Khua Kling Curry Pizza)

Lay's Thailand presents. An creation by a Thai celebrity chef and MasterChef Thailand judge Ian Kittichai. He created this flavor by imagining what it would taste like if you made a pizza with this Southern Thai curry on top, threw it in a blender, dried it, ground it in a spice mill, and sprinkled it on potato chips. This potato chip is exactly like it.

Nissin Cheese Curry Instant Noodle
カップヌードル 欧風チーズカレー

This is a really unique and tasty flavor of cup noodles from Japan. A limited time item from Nissin, the well known creators of Cup Noodle! This special version of their curry cup noodle has bits of cheese throughout!

Prima Singapore La Mian (Curry Flavoured)

This in one of the Singapore flavoured noodle. The unique curry flavor of this noodle is created with various herbs and spices. They are skillfully blended together to create the delicious flavour of curry which make this noodle a very popular instant food in Singapore.

Mykuali White Curry Mee

Penang White Curry Mee makes use of white curry powder and thus, the name. It includes natural ingredients such as chilli paste (sambal) as one of its sachets to give this noodles a taste of fresh spice and a splash of creaminess. White curry mee is a true local authentic street food in Penang, a town in Malaysia famous for her many streets eat delicacies.

Penang Har Mee

The quality of this Prawn Soup noodles is what people would expect from a restaurant and definitely not a instant one . The broth has a very rich and luxuriant prawn flavor, the depth and heartiness of the soup is like it’s been cooking for hours instead of minutes. Har Mee is a true local authentic street food in Penang, a town in Malaysia famous for her many streets eat delicacies. This is very very Prawn

Maggi Curry Noodles

It always baffles me why Australia does not sell the Curry version of Maggi Noodles. This is just as good, if not even better, than Maggi's Chicken Flavour instant noodle cousin. If you are after affordability and a kick of curry, you must give this a try. It is like a staple food in Malaysia and Singapore.

Samyang Hot Chicken Flavour Stir-fried Noodle (Curry)

Samyang's Hot Chicken Curry flavoured stir fried noodles is absolutely wonderfully to eat and filled to the brim with flavour. Halal certified, these stir fried noodles are filled with extremely spicy goodness. Just boil the noodles, drain and add the sauces with some extra water, and you're good to go.

Feast Egg Prata Fish Curry Chips

This product is directly shipped from Singapore. No dipping needed. If you fave about the crispiness of prata and the fragrance of fish curry, you need not wait further. The crinkle-cut chips are made with European potatoes, and are produced in a halal-certified factory in Malaysia.