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Lay’s Potato Chips (Spicy Duck Neck)
樂事 辣卤鴨脖味薯片

Lay's potato chips are famous all over the world. Doesn't matter which country you visit, you will be able to find Lay's potato chips of some local flavor... and China is no exception. The hugely popular brand of braised duck snacks in Asia, Zhou Hei Ya. Zhou Hei Ya is already visible on many a commercial corner of Beijing’s streets. Now they're one step closer to snack domination, seeing their signature item's flavor bagged for convenience store shelves too.

Mama Duck Ramen

No other instant noodle brand can replace that of Mama. We are serious about our food and to us, Mama is the true taste of Thailand. It is very appetizing to see this new duck flavor that will delight all noodle lovers.

Taiwan Famous Duck Bean-Thread Soup Noodle

It's fragrant! Ancient refined winter vegetables with a fragrant duck scent.  The soup is fresh and full-bodied Nostalgic retro hometown taste. Taiwanese most familiar taste.