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Irvins Salted Egg Cassava Skin (Big)

It is dangerously addictive in aesthetic and taste. The packaging is classy matt and has a zip lock function, which is really a plus (but to me, unnecessary). Because chances are that you will find it so good and keep diving in for one piece after another. It’s fragrant and crispy, not too salty, less greasy, and is really flavorful with a hint of spice. Read the tip at the back of the bag before you eat it - Shake the pouch gently before eating. The Cassava chips were all covered with chilli padi and curry leaves which makes it so enticing. Cassava or Tapoica Chips are favoured over potato chips because they are gluten free!

Crusty’s Singapore Chilli Crab Popcorn

Popcorn has always been a quintessential snack Singapore Crusty’s ventures into the popcorn world with an irresistible gourmet flavour: Chilli Crab. The familiar taste of Chilli Crab is exactly like the Chilli Crab that you taste at a restaurant. Upon opening the packet, you  will be hit immediately with Chilli Crab aroma. Each popcorn is perfect and crunchy, making it so hard for us to put it down.

Crusty’s Singapore Salted Egg Tom Yum Fish Skin

Rated 5.00 out of 5
$13.20 $11.95
We love infusing flavours because well, it is a gourmet adventure, isn't it? Crusty's has proved us that mixing salted egg with truffle is mind blowing. But now, they did it again with tom yum. This flavour combination remind us of eating our dinner in Thailand. Creamy salted egg with slightly sourish and spicy coating on a crunchy piece of fish skin. They did it, again!

Crusty’s Singapore Truffle Photo Chip with Salted Egg

Rated 4.50 out of 5
A new creation!Salted Egg Potato Chip infused with Truffle! 100% free from artificial flavourings and preservatives and freshly prepared in Singapore, Crusty’s use only top quality ingredients and spices. When you pair two of the best exotic flavours in spices, you are assured of goodness till the last bite.

Crusty’s Singapore Salted Egg Soy Skin Crisps

$13.20 $11.95
We love infusing flavours because well, it is a gourmet adventure, isn't it? This Crusty's newly creation Vegetarian ‘Mock Goose’ chips are made of crispy rolled Bean Curd skin and packed full of tasty Toukee (Soy Bean) flavours. Add to that the amazing Salted Egg seasoning and you get a snack that is amazingly rich in flavours yet surprisingly light to eat.