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Ikan Satay

Just a tad spicy to keep you on your toes but not overwhelming. Whatever mood you are in, these sweet pieces of chewy, meaty goodness transport you to the seas, taking you away from the hustle and bustle of life. Sit back, chew on and enjoy goodness from the sea. Each packet contains 15 packets. Designed for sharing.

Prima Singapore La Mian (Fish Soup)

This in one of the Singapore flavoured noodle. This Fish Soup noodles taste great as other Prima noodles. The fish broth is very authentic and rich in flavor. The note of Sesame oil comes along very well with the nice seafood flavor.

Traditional Chinese Vermicelli With Pickled Cabbage Fish Flavor
白家 酸菜魚味粉絲


This is a super popular street food in the streets of Sichuan. The taste is delicate and smooth. The flavor of the soup is very authentic an local. The soup contain pickled vegetables and black vinegar which give the Sourness. It is a instant noodle that is very unique and local in flavor.


Muruku Ikan

This beloved snack of Malaysians is crunchy and full of flavours! PoPo Muruku comes in its original pea recipe seasoned with herbs and spices. It is an all-time snack for any occasion and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.