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Fujiya Country Ma’am Chocochip Vanila Cookies

Country Ma'am Cookies is a very popular product in Japan, famed as one of the best store-buy cookies. Made with low temperature, Japanese wheat, this soft cookies has a strong chocolate taste that is unmatched. The chocolate chips inside the cookies are also melted. We highly recommend that you heat it up in an oven before popping it in your mouth. We love it pipping hot and the product that comes out is just like a homemade, quality double chocolate cookie.

Fujiya Peko-Chan Milky Candy
不二家 ミルキー袋

Fujiya Milky is a brand which started production in 1951 and are made of high quality milk from the Hokkaido region of Japan! This candy box features the well known Peko-Chan on the box and it contains around 7 individually wrapped candies. These soft and chewy treats are deliciously milky and matcha flavoured at the same time! You have to try them to understand why this product is so iconic and how it’s managed to keep going strong even after 50 years!