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crown churros

CROWN CHURROS Snack (Cinnamon & Honey Seasoning)

Who does not love CHURROS. I am sure you are going to fell in love with them because they are so light, crispy, and give you that real churro flavor. It does remind you of cinnamon toast crunch cereal but sweeter. Highly recommended.
indomie mi goreng kriuuk

Indomie Collection – Mi Goreng Kriuuk

Indonesia’s top instant noodle maker Indomie has unveiled another creation – Mi Goreng Kriuuk. These have been a lot of fun since there’s no way you can get this noodle easily in Australia! This is super popular and it adds an extra crunchy texture to the noodles. What are kriuuk? Rice Krispies. Now, can you imagine how good that will taste!