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Ichiran Ramen
天然とんこつラーメン 一蘭 ちぢれ麺

This item is sold in individual pack. Is Ichiran Ramen worth the extra buck? A short introduction of Ichiran Ramen (一蘭) - It is Tokyo's most popular ramen, renowned for its famous Tonkotsu pork-based broth. Ichiran has perfected the ultimate Tonkotsu ramen as its winning formula can be attributed to the creamy smooth classic pork-based tonkotsu soup, topped with Ichiran’s original red pepper sauced mixed with 3 type of spices. Rave reviews from people who have tried Ichiran Ramen is that they have the urge to go Japan just to eat Ichiran Ramen. But well, now you can easily skip the queue (and the air ticket).