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Danish Monde Cookies

The famous Danish Monde Butter Cookies are unbelievably crispy and taste extraordinarily nice. It has a superbly rich butter aroma wafting. The irresistible taste of buttery-flavor will satisfy most butter cookies lovers.

Indomie Collection -Special Chicken Flavour

Not all indomie are dry noodles. For those who prefer a soupy noodles. This is a new interesting flavour "Special Chicken" from Indomie. The chicken noodle soup is very mellow and broth is nice – hearty but not overly greasy Cooking instructions Bring a pot of water to boil. Add the noodles into around 250 cc of water and cook for 2 minutes. Add the seasoning mix into a bowl and place noodles on top of it with water. Mix well and ready to serve.

Kusuka Cassava Chip (Bali Spicy) 180g

Prepare your tongue for a chip trip. Inspired from the delicious and exotic taste of Indonesian culinary, we deliver KUSUKA Cassava Chips – Bali Spicy. The spiciness with a hint of sweet and sour come together with the chicken aroma.