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Kanro Throat Candy (Peach & Honey Tea)

This honey tea candy with peach flavor is perfect for you if you have sore throat or if you want to protect your voice. This candy is made by Kanro from Japan and contain all natural ingredients with no additional additives.

Kanro Mini Color Pencil Candy

Kanro is famous in Japan for creating candies and gummies. These pencils candy are almost impossible to draw with but they are really cute and yummy! The clear outer part is shaped like a pencil and there is a "lead" inside of it. So cute! There are eight fantastic flavors including cola, soda, melon soda, muscat, grape, peach, strawberry and orange!

Kanro Pure Salty Lychee Candy
カンロ ピュレグミ ソルティライチ

Kanro Salted Lychee candy is on the top of the list for Japanese most beloved candy. Salty and sweet at the same time, these lychee flavored candy have an unbeatable explosive lychee flavor. They are sure to satisfy any taste bud.