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kracie poppin cooking gummy

Popinjay Cookin Taiyaki Ana Odango Gummy

Popinjay Cookin Taiyaki Ana Odango Gummy This zany kit contains everything you need to make your own 100% edible mini versions of traditional Japanese confectionery including a taiyaki fish-shaped batter cake with chocolate cream filling, mitarashi dango (skewered rice cake dumplings with a sweet soy glaze), strawberry filled daifuku mochi, and even a little cup of ramune soda! Powder sachets are included for mixing with water to create doughs, various pieces need to be shaped and cut using the tools and moulds provided, and the parts are all assembled together at the end. The taiyaki mixture needs to be popped into the microwave for 30 seconds to cook the batter. The inner packaging even folds out into a sweets presentation mat! We highly recommend for you to watch the video, so all will become clear. We are also stocking other themed kits in this series. Don't miss out on this crazy and fun Japanese candy adventure!
kracie lemon yuzu power

Kracie Honey Yuzu Drink Power

Kracie Honey Yuzu Drink Power A honey and yuzu powdered drink with a distinct aroma, which is perfect for when you want to relax. Formulated with ingredients for health and beauty (collagen, vitamin C). It contains the same amount of vitamin C  formulated with oligosaccharide which is easy on the stomach. The powder is in small packets, and can be mixed with hot or cold water, according to your preference. Enjoy in a variety of ways - add it to black tea for flavor, sprinkle it on plain yogurt or use it as a substitute for jam.  
japan kracie rose candy

Kracie Fuwarinka Rose Soft Candy

The scent of Rose, but not perfume. This Rose Aroma sweet is perfect for your work day. Fancy some brief respite or relaxation during your day of work, put one in your mouth and you will be greeted with the aroma of Rose that will instantly bring comfort. The gorgeous aroma of rose and the gentle sweetness of organic Canadian honey will spread throughout your senses.  Very delightful.