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Calbee Grill-a-Corn (Laksa Flavour)

Do you remember have a food that blows your mind away? Calbee Grill-A-Corn does that to us. You would not expect a corn snack to literally taste like corn, but that is exactly what Calbee Grill-A-Corn taste like. Like its name, you can now enjoy the ease of eating grill corn without having to go through the tedious process of chopping the corn into cob size and putting it on hotplate. What's better is that Calbee has introduced this Limited Laksa flavour. This Grill-A-Corn is extremely addictive.

Mamee Chef (Curry Laksa Flavour)

Mamee instant noodles is a household name in Malaysia and Singapore. The packet come with some freeze dried ingredients.  There were chili, some shreds of cabbages and green onion as well as tofu puff The tender noodles have a good spring and the broth has a nice curry flavor that is not too strong but very present and there is a strong cumin flavor as well

Nissin Cup Noodle (Laksa)
日清 叻沙杯面

Searching for something easy, convenient and delicious? Look no further than the Nissin Laksa Noodle Cup. This tasty instant noodle goodness is a quick meal that is ready in minutes - no cooking required, simply pour in hot water. With its appetising Laksa flavour, this noodle cup is sure to become your go-to after a long day or when you're just looking for a low-effort snack.

Feast Singapore Laksa Chips

This product is directly shipped from Singapore. Singapore Laksa is a thick, spicy noodle soup of the Peranakan cuisine. Perfect for rainy days. Found in different variations across Asia, Singapore's take on this dish comes with a distinct taste of coconut milk and a hint of dried shrimps, featuring thick vermicelli cut into short pieces and eaten with a spoon. Slurp now crunch.