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Prima Singapore La Mian (Laksa Flavoured)

This in one of the all time flavor noodle from Prima Singapore. There is simply one reason of why this noodle is so popular – they’re just amazing.  The noodles are nice and chewy and premium feel. The broth is spectacular as well with a nice heartiness and deep flavor. The well-balanced of richness and spiciness make this noodle so enjoyable.

Nissin Cup Noodle (Laksa)
日清 叻沙杯面

Searching for something easy, convenient and delicious? Look no further than the Nissin Laksa Noodle Cup. This tasty instant noodle goodness is a quick meal that is ready in minutes - no cooking required, simply pour in hot water. With its appetising Laksa flavour, this noodle cup is sure to become your go-to after a long day or when you're just looking for a low-effort snack.

Feast Singapore Laksa Chips

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This product is directly shipped from Singapore. Singapore Laksa is a thick, spicy noodle soup of the Peranakan cuisine. Perfect for rainy days. Found in different variations across Asia, Singapore's take on this dish comes with a distinct taste of coconut milk and a hint of dried shrimps, featuring thick vermicelli cut into short pieces and eaten with a spoon. Slurp now crunch.