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Nobel Mutenka Lemonada Candy

This honey lemon candy is perfect for you if you have sore throat or if you want to protect your voice. This candy is made by Nobel from Japan and contain all natural ingredients with no additional additives.

Himalaya Salted Mint Candy

Himalaya Salt also known as Himalayan Pink Salt is over 250 million years old and is by far the purest salt available on earth and is uncontaminated with toxins or pollutants because it matures through centuries under extreme tectonic pressure and far away from exposures to contamination. It contains the same 84 natural minerals and elements found in human body. With this great health benefits found in Himalaya Salt, you may conveniently enjoying the benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt in a candy form any time you like. You will love it.

Asahi Mintia Mint (Lemon & Lime)

Mintia from Asahi is Japan’s Number 1 sugarfree mints based on sales. The manufacturer is also famous for its beer, baby food, and even miso soup.

Thai Love Farm Chilli Lemon

Imported directly from Thailand This Dried Lemon with chilli made by fresh sliced diced lemons without squeeze. This is Suitable for people who may like dried fruit and it will help you stay awake during the sleepy day. 100% natural ingredients with no cholesterol, no fat and high fiber. No MSG. No Preservative.
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KitKat Chocolate Salted Lemon

KitKat released new flavors for the summer months. Sea Salt and Lemon KitKat. Salt and lemon are a popular summer flavor combination in Japan and the region of Setouchi is famous for both. The salt is meant to replenish the salt you lose when sweating, while the lemon gives you a refreshing mouthfeel.

Crown Saltine Cracker (Cheese Lemon)
크라운 참아이엔지 크래커 치즈레몬향

I love saltine crackers because it is the type of snack that you will go for when you are feeling just a slight hunger pang but do not want anything sinful. With Lemon cheese cream, it is just a tad sourish but useful in helping you to increase your appetite.

Hacks Honey & Lemon

A sweeter version of Hacks Regular, this honey and lemon flavour guarantees to help if you have a cough or for good oral hygiene. Refreshes you immediately.

Striking Popping Candy (Cola)

This candy has a popping effect when exposed to water. This candy will pop in your month and it last quite a while too.  This candy keep you energized and will definitely keep you awake for the day. It is also very fun playing the popping candy by hearing the pop sound as well. It can also be the last minute topper for ice cream too.

Nin Jiom Tangerine Lemon Herbal Candy

Nin Jiom is a brand synonymous with quality throughout the world. Nin Jiom Herbal Candy Tangerine Lemon is made with natural ingredients that can soothe your throat, smooth your voice and refresh your breath. Packed in a nicely designed tin case. This is a must have one in your purse.