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Coca-Cola Creaftea Lemonade

Luxury Craftea from Coca Cola Japan. The flavor of black tea is Tasty. The fruity feeling is wonderful and you can enjoy the fruity taste of 100% fruit juice with a hint of honey.  

Himalaya Salted Mint Candy

Himalaya Salt also known as Himalayan Pink Salt is over 250 million years old and is by far the purest salt available on earth and is uncontaminated with toxins or pollutants because it matures through centuries under extreme tectonic pressure and far away from exposures to contamination. It contains the same 84 natural minerals and elements found in human body. With this great health benefits found in Himalaya Salt, you may conveniently enjoying the benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt in a candy form any time you like. You will love it.
garden lemon wafer

Garden Cream Lemon Wafers

Garden Cream Lemon Wafers Garden Cream wafers are children's favourite. They are delicate in texture, crisp, and flavor. Breaking away from the all-time favourite of Lemon Cream Wafer.
glico sunao lemon biscuit

Glico Sunao Sandwich Cookie (Lemon & Vanilla)

Glico Sunao Sandwich Cookie (Lemon & Vanilla) The lemon-flavored biscuits with fermented butter and slightly sour yogurt-flavored vanilla cream are a perfect match.

ITO Seika Languly Setouchi Lemon Cream Biscuits (Big)

Summer is coming to your pantry with this add-on!  These sweet, thin and crunchy biscuits are sandwiched with a decadent cream filling flavoured with lemon juice from Setouchi, Okayama.  This box contains four break-apart packs each of three Langue de Chat biscuits.

Hacks Honey & Lemon

A sweeter version of Hacks Regular, this honey and lemon flavour guarantees to help if you have a cough or for good oral hygiene. Refreshes you immediately.

Nobel Super Lemon
ノーベル スーパーレモンキャンデ

Ready to challenge yourself on the extent of sourish you can bear with? This is the ultimate taste test. This is a three-layer Japanese candy with specially formulated sour powder coating on the outside, hard candy and fizzy lemon core in the middle! Definitely interesting and a conversation starter!

Nin Jiom Tangerine Lemon Herbal Candy

Nin Jiom is a brand synonymous with quality throughout the world. Nin Jiom Herbal Candy Tangerine Lemon is made with natural ingredients that can soothe your throat, smooth your voice and refresh your breath. Packed in a nicely designed tin case. This is a must have one in your purse.