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KitKat Mini Strawberry Cheesecake (9pcs)

Mt Fuji, being the icon of Japan and KitKat, being the epitome of Japan's chocolate - combine these two together and you will get a Masterpiece of Japan souvenir that you should be bringing back for your family and friends. Now you can indulge in this by yourself or gift it to someone special with this true masterpiece, in packaging and in taste. The cream cheese is set on top of a fragrant wafer and then wrapped with strawberry milk chocolate. KitKat has just brought us to the top of Mt Fuji with this creation.
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KitKat Mini Wasabi (12 pcs)
キットカットミニ わさび (12枚入)

This exquisite flavour is loved by people from around the world who applaud KitKat's ability to intertwined wasabi and chocolate together. This KitKat Wasabi can definitely give you a kick. It has a spicy horseradish flavor of wasabi on the first bite and then the sweetness of a normal kitkat comes through. Don't expect your nose to clear though! What a graceful combination.