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Lay’s Potato Chips (White Rabbit)
樂事 香濃奶糖味味薯片

Lay's potato chips are famous all over the world. Doesn't matter which country you visit, you will be able to find Lay's potato chips of some local flavor... and China is no exception. Every country has its own unique flavors and Lay's recently released a White Rabbit flavored chip.

Glico Milk Cream Collon (Big)
江崎グリコ クリームコロン

Each pack contains crunchy biscuits filled with the elegant sweetness of European cream inside of a crispy, caramelish waffle outer shell. This makes for a fantastic sweet snack to pack for lunch or take on-the-go.

Hello Panda Milk

Are you a Hello Panda fan? I love how they taste, how affordable they are and how they are found anywhere. Hello Panda is the one snack that can never go wrong. Always useful to keep one around in your pantry area for mindless snacking!

Meiji Yan Yan Vanilla

Is there anyone out there who scrimp and save on the dipping creme until you reach the last few sticks? Despite having Yan Yan for numerous times, I always can't get enough of the dipping creme. A simple but powerful combination to deliver that perfect mixture of crunchiness with smooth tasty creme. A snack that's fun to share but you would love it too much to share.

Crown Couque D’asse White Torte Cookies
쿠크다스 화이트 토르테

‘Couque Dasse’ means ‘cookies from the Asse region’ in Belgium. Couque D’Asse has always been very popular as a premium cookie product with its soft texture that melts while breaking gently in the mouth. Crown's version of Couque D’Asse White Torte is filled with smooth and silky vanilla cream. Enjoyable on its own or to be accompanied with coffee or tea.

Samyang Carbo Hot Chicken Flavour Ramen (Cup)
삼양 까르보나라 불닭볶음면

This Samyang version of spicy noodles is rated 5/5 by independent reviewers. It is creamier than the usual Samyang spicy noodles and it has a subtle sweet taste to it. As a sucker for cute packaging, I gave this a try. The noodles are chewier as compared to other Samyang instant ramen. It is quite spicy though creamy. All carbo lovers, take note of this product!

Kopiko Cappuccino Candy

Real coffee candy made with the finest Java coffee beans and creamy milk! This cappuccino candy has a more creamier and milk taste compared to Kopiko coffee candy. It is suitable for those who want less caffeine in their snack but still want that coffee taste. Kopiko candy is loved by young and old for its rich coffee taste. It is right up your alley if you love coffee and hard candies. They are long lasting in your mouth and they taste absolutely fabulous. They are one of Indonesia's most popular sweet that is exported all around the globe.

Fujiya Peko-Chan Milky Candy
不二家 ミルキー袋

Fujiya Milky is a brand which started production in 1951 and are made of high quality milk from the Hokkaido region of Japan! This candy box features the well known Peko-Chan on the box and it contains around 7 individually wrapped candies. These soft and chewy treats are deliciously milky and matcha flavoured at the same time! You have to try them to understand why this product is so iconic and how it’s managed to keep going strong even after 50 years!

Lotte Malang Cow Milk Soft Candy
롯데 말랑카우 오리지널

$5.40 $4.60
This is one of Korea's best selling candy, for a good reason! It has a fluffy texture of candy made by the aeration process. Made of fresh high-grade milk, they are so light and airy that seems like biting into a milkshake pillow! This candy comes in two flavours - Strawberry or Milk.