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Nobel Super Mario Gummy (Ramune and Coke)

These yummy chews from Nobel are so addicting! When you are chewing this candy, it tastes like you are drinking a traditional Japanese ramune soda and Coke!

Nobel Mutenka Lemonada Candy

This honey lemon candy is perfect for you if you have sore throat or if you want to protect your voice. This candy is made by Nobel from Japan and contain all natural ingredients with no additional additives.

Nobel Bubble Tea Candy
タピオカミルクティー キャンデ

Can you ever get sick of Bubble Tea? We are addicted to it, but why are we spoiling ourselves over Bubble Tea drinks (and only drinks)? Get this Nobel Bubble Tea Candy and you will be impressed how accurate to the point is this Bubble Tea candy. In the middle of this hard candy is a Jelly that has a similar texture to the Tapioca balls in your Bubble Tea. We are truly hooked on this!

Nobel Super Cola
ノーベル スーパーコーラキャンデ

The kind of candy that wakes you up and makes you wonder how long that fizziness will last! This is a three-layer Japanese candy with specially formulated sour powder coating on the outside, hard candy and fizzy cola core in the middle! Definitely interesting and a conversation starter!