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Paldo Honey Flavoured Sesame Snacks

Paldo Honey Flavoured Sesame Snacks is made with real Honey and has a hint of sesame. Its sweet and fun snacks resemble crinkle-cut French fries. A great snack for any occasion. This snack is a refreshing change from the usual potato chips snacks. A worthwhile try!
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Paldo Cheese Fromage Ramyum

The noodles are extremely good – The noodle is thick like normal ramyun but a little less chewy. The broth is excellent, this noodle is spicy but the cheese powder softens the spicy blow but doesn’t overwhelm it. The two intermingle in the broth and engorge the noodle with a good flavor.  I rate it 5.0 out of 5.0

Paido Stir Fried Kimchi Noodle

A very popular spicy kimchi noodle from Korea. This noodle is for those love the spicy bold flavour and kimchi.

Paldo Vegetable Stick

Are you just too sick of potato chips?? Korean Paldo vegetable fries is a refreshing change from potato snacks as it is light on your taste palette and it's even healthy! A delicious barbecue flavoured vegetable snack carries with 6 kinds of vegetables carrot, spinach, onion, pumpkin, tomato and potato. Giving your life the enjoyment of vegetables along with its unique crunchiness and tastiness.