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Apollo Layer Cake (Pandan)

The cake has a beautiful brown top and a slight pandan aroma from pandan cream sandwiched between the lays.

Euro Cake Pandan

Thailand famous Euro Cake is now here. This puff cake stuffed with amazing creamy pandan paste taste.

Taiwan’s Famous Coconut Pandan Mochi
台灣皇族香椰班蘭大福 (6個入)

Royal Family is well known for their soft Japanese style rice cake, better known as Mochi. This Coconut Pandan Mochi is green in color and has a mild pandan taste which is kind of like vanilla.

Beng Heong Tambun Biscuits (Pandan)
明香餅舖 班蘭淡汶餅

BENG HEONG SDN BHD opened its door for business for over 20 years with a view of offering the public, both local and out of towners a one stop shop for the much sought after Penang traditional confectioneries and biscuits. These are traditional pastries with a unique characteristic. A ball shape pastry with a green bean filling gilled with fragrant pandan flavour.

Kaew Coconut Pandan Crispy Roll

Kaew Pandan Crispy Coconut Rolls is made with no preservatives. Made from coconut milk and sprinkled with black sesame, this crispy coconut roll has a hint of Pandan flavour. We find that the taste is very tropical but we really like the texture of this snack. It is very crispy and has an uneven biscuit texture that gives it more crunch.