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Bourbon Chocolate Elise (Pineapple)


Chocolat Elise by Bourbon is actually thin pieces of Langues de chat cookie rolled up and filled with smooth pineapple cream in it.  A limited edition item, the biscuit of Chocolate Lubera is light, buttery and refined, promising an exquisite taste. Each box contains 6 pieces.


Lotte Desert Sand Cookies (Pineapple and Cream)

A new Sandwich biscuits from Lotte and it is really one of its kind. A delicious pineapple flavored cream sandwiched between butter cookies. It is Sweet and fruity.

October Fifth Mini Pineapple Shortcakes

From the famous October Fifth Bakery  in Macau It is delicious to take a piece of this famous branded cake during tea break.

MyBizcuit Durian Pineapple Tart

The Premium Durian Cookie from Malaysia has very strong butter taste with durian filling. The taste of durian is pretty good and is baked to perfection, leaves you wanting for more.

Kaman Pineapple Egg Rolls
咔啰卡曼 菠萝味蛋卷

Kaman Pineapple Egg Roll is very cute in packaging but it is also great in taste. This is not the normal hollow egg rolls but it filled with pineapple filling. It is a great visual and taste sensation at the same time! Yummy!