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nitto black tea strawberry

Mitsui Nitton Royal Black Tea (Strawberry)

Mitsui Nitton Royal Black Tea (Strawberry) Made with Japan-grown kocha black tea and real strawberry juice. Nitto’s Royal Black Tea has an inviting aroma and deep, gentle taste. The choice of black tea lovers. Royal Black Tea (Peach) can also be added to desserts such as pancakes, cookies and ice cream! Simply pour hot water to make the perfect hot Tea and add ice for an Iced Strawberry Tea.    
Orihiro Jelly Christmas Special

Orihiro Jelly Grape + Strawberry Christmas Special

Have you tried this Orihiro Jelly yet? They're awesome as they are juicy and not sweet at all. The perfect snack for summer Christmas in Australia. This is a 12 Pack bag of Grape and Strawberry flavour!
sangaria strawberry milk

Sangaria Strawberry Milk Drink

Sangaria Strawberry Milk Drink Sangaria Strawberry milk is a milk drink flavored with strawberry. Also called Strawberry & Milk, or Maroyaka, this fruity milk drink is perfect for all those who love strawberry flavors!  

Danish Monde Original Pie (Strawberry)

The famous Danish Monde Butter Cookies are unbelievably crispy and taste extraordinarily nice. It has a superbly rich butter aroma wafting. The irresistible taste of buttery-flavor will satisfy most butter cookies lovers and now comes with strawberry jam.
pocky strawberry crunch

Glico Pocky Tsubutsubu Strawberry


This new edition of  Strawberry Pocky will send you to fruit Paradise. This is one of Japan's most popular snacks and coming from Japan's Glico, you know that the quality is assured. Oh... did we mention that it reminds us of strawberry ice cream? It comes in two individual packs (luckily). But you would need to have some serious self disciplinary skills to restraint from eating everything at one go.

apollo strawberry wafer

Apollo Dark Strawberry Stick Wafers (12 pcs)

Apollo Strawberry Stick Wafers (12 pcs) Back to school days, our food stall operator always sell this. It is not a luxurious snack but it is enough to curb your sweet tooth. Four wafers in each packet, each filled with chocolate cream, this alone was heaven for us in our younger days.

Meiji Juicy Gummy Strawberry

Meiji Juicy Gummy Strawberry These are flavored with real concentrated strawberry juice from Japan, giving it a fruity taste like no other. The gummies are both chewy and juicy, like freshly harvested strawberries. Its Tokyo 2020-exclusive resealable packaging keeps these candies fresh.

Glico Pocky Strawberry (9 pkts)


Strawberry Pocky is a unique tasting biscuit-like confectionery coated in strawberry cream.The texture is very good as the sticks are thin and crunchy with the right amount of strawberry cream coating, which makes the snack light and not too filling. But given how addictive they are, it is a good thing that this multi-share pack comes in 9 individual packets, so as to stop you from over-indulgence.


Glico Pocky Strawberry
グリコ ポッキー ストロベリー

$1.95 $1.75
A bright pink hue that draws you in and the first mouthful, a refreshing sweet and slight strawberry sourish taste will make you yearn for one more bite. Crunchy, rich, silky. This Glico Strawberry brings smiles for all as a reminder of fond childhood memories. Delicious by itself and simply perfect with a cup of tea, or coffee if you prefer. 

Hello Panda Strawberry

The counterpart to Hello Panda Chocolate, this other classic is a mainstay for those who prefers a fruity kick to their diet cheat moments. Its colours used to cater towards girls but make no mistake, Hello Panda Strawberry has its army of fanboys too. The same crunchy crust with a more mellow sweetness compared to Hello Panda Chocolate; a perfect companion for the mature adult with a child inside.

Meiji Yan Yan Strawberry

Is there anyone out there who scrimp and save on the dipping creme until you reach the last few sticks? Despite having Yan Yan for numerous times, I always can't get enough of the dipping creme. A simple but powerful combination to deliver that perfect mixture of crunchiness with smooth tasty creme. A snack that's fun to share but you would love it too much to share.

Lotte French Pie (Strawberry)

When you are too lazy to bake it yourself but wanted something more than just dry biscuits, try the Lotte French Strawberry Pie from Korea. The crusty outer layers that wrapped around fruitlicious Strawberry Jam is guaranteed to make you swoon...

Meiji Rich Strawberry Biscuits

Meiji is a reowned brand in Japanese confectionary. An epitome of quality confectionary, they have introduced sandwich biscuit to rival Oreos. Ramping up the challenge, Meiji has gone innovative by introducing fruits flavoured sandwich biscuits. This strawberry version is not just another pink colour cream. It tastes very much like strawberry, very refreshing and addictive.  

Tom’s Farm Strawberry Almonds
딸기 아몬드

We are so excited to get our hands on this impressive range of almond snacks because they are just sold out about everywhere else. These strawberry almonds are sweet. refreshing and crunchy. Perfect for the upcoming summer! Impress your friends with an almond flavour that they have never tried before! Almonds boast an impressive nutrient profile as a great source of protein and fibre, antioxidants and vitamin E. This is super addictive!