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Pretz Tom Yum Flavour
プリッツ トムヤムクン味

Tom Yum - a Thai signature soup with distinct herb ingredients, hot and spicy with chilli, lemon, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves and galangal, is now on crispy biscuit sticks. I like drinking Tom Yum soup in cold weather. Now, I wonder if this will actually be a good snack in cold weather too.

Mama Shrimp Tom Yum (Jumbo Pack)

No Tom Yum instant noodle brand can replace that of Mama. We are serious about our food and to us, Mama is the true taste of Thailand. It is very appetising and has a bold Tom Yum flavour that will delight all Tom Yum fans. If you are after a mouth of real Thai food, there is no other more authentic options out there (of course, unless you have a Thai chef at home). This item is a Jumbo pack (90g).

Mama Vietnamese Tom Yum Goong -Spicy Shrimp Soup

The rice noodles goes extreme well with the tom yum broth. The broth is different to typical tom yum flavor but with slightly creamy touch to it. This noodle is very flavorful with the taste of lemongrass, shrimp and lime. Dried shrimps are also included in the garnish pack with full of shrimp flavor after it is mixed in the tom yum broth.

Myojo Mee (Thai Tom Yum)

Item is sold in single pack. Myojo is one of Singapore's homegrown brands. And they recently released the Thai Tom Yam flavor. Cooking instructions Put noodles into 450ml of boiling water in pot then boil and stir for 2-3 minutes. Remove from heat and drain the water Add seasoning powder and seasoning oil to the noodles. Add optional garnishing or ingredients to the noodles. Ready to serve.

Wai Wai Shrimp Tom Yum

We are serious about our food and to us, this noodle is the true taste of Thailand. The noodles is thin and the kind that won’t soak up a lot of water. The broth is extremely spicy – definitely not for the timid! Strong heat and a nice lemon flavor compliment each other and an almost detectable shrimp flavor it there as well. Wow yeah this stuff’s spicy

Koh-Kae Tom Yam Flavour Nuts
泰國Koh-Kae 酸辣海鮮味花生

Koh-Kae, made in Thailand, is the number 1 leader in peanut snacks. If you are after something crunchy, tasty and spicy, you can't miss Koh-Kae. This Tom Yam peanuts certainly taste like the soup, just in a crunchier version. It has a lingering hot aftertaste with a hint of shrimp/fishiness and tasted pretty good. Koh-Kae peanuts are wrapped in a coating that is as crispy as it’s tasty, and that means that young and old alike are just crazy about the peanut snacks. So it’s no surprise that the snacks are also popular outside of Thailand.