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Glico Pretz Osatsu Sweet Potato
グリコ プリッツ おさつ

A lot of sweet potato was sprinkled in as coating. This first bite of this Pretz flavour reminds me of baked sweet potato in Japan. Please enjoy sweet and fragrant, sweet and savory taste all in one mouthful.

Jiraporn Chips (Purple Sweet Potato)

Purple sweet potato chips from Thailand

Glico Tomato Pretz
グリコ トマトプリッツ

These Tomato Sticks are great with everything. Must have in everyone's pantry!! It is a tasty and crunchy biscuit cracker with a flavourful tomato twist.

Yangban Korean Vegetable Porridge

A instant versions of favorite Korean rice porridge offer by Yangban, A rich flavor rice porridge boiled for a long time, meets sumptuous ingredients in a recreation of the taste of home.

Yudi Veggie Thins (Okra and Sweet Potato)

The popular healthy snacks from Thailand. This is quite a unusual kind of Veggie Thins which contain some interesting ingredients such as Okra and Sweet Potato seasoned with soy sauce. It is healthy for you but also taste Great as well