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Wai Wai Crab Flavour Rice Vermicelli White soup

A1 has got our taste right. This  Crab Flavour Rice Vermicelli White Soup is super nice and is hard-to-get. The salty-sweet flavour of crab stock, with the silky Vermicelli, soaked in the broth until it’s hmmm so good. This is unlike any instant noodles that you would have tried before. It is definitely worth a try!

Wai Wai Shrimp Tom Yum

We are serious about our food and to us, this noodle is the true taste of Thailand. The noodles is thin and the kind that won’t soak up a lot of water. The broth is extremely spicy – definitely not for the timid! Strong heat and a nice lemon flavor compliment each other and an almost detectable shrimp flavor it there as well. Wow yeah this stuff’s spicy