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Nissin Afuri Spicy Yuzu Shio Ramen

In 2016 AFURI opened its first restaurant outside of Japan in Portland, OR. They are famous in producing  famous Ramen broth and other high quality Japanese dishes. The "AFURI" signature dish "The AFURI Awakening Gekishin Yuzu Shio Ramen" is now available. The spicy soup based on chicken bouillon is characterized by the pungent spiciness of peppers and the firm taste of chicken and seafood, and the refreshing aroma and taste of Yuzu, which is typical of "AFURI", spreads in your mouth. In addition, if you add the attached "Awakening Perfume Oil", you can enjoy the spiciness that will make you wake up. Please enjoy a cup of spicy yet refreshing taste that is perfect for summer at home.