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Jack’n Jill Potato Chips (Sapi Panggang)

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This snack is recommended to us by a Indonesian. While there is Pringles from America, Indonesian has their own version of Piattos from Jack 'n' Jill. Food is a culture and we can't wait to try one of Indonesia's most common and popular potato crisps. Sapi Panggang is roast beef.

Lotte Cheetos from Korea (BBQ)

Cheetos! I like this snack. However!! This is not the usual Cheetos from USA which usually salty. This Cheetos is imported directly from Korea which taste better than the western counterpart and one bag may not be enough for you.

Indomie Collection -Barbeque Chicken Flavour

This another classic flavour "Barbeque Chicken" from Indomie. Cooking instructions Bring a pot of water to boil. Add the noodles into the water and cook for 2 minutes. Remove noodles from pot and drain remaining water from noodles. Add the seasoning mix into a bowl and place noodles on top of it. Mix well and ready to serve.