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Calbee Pizza Chips
Calbee卡樂B Pizza味厚切薯片

This is other popular potato chip from Calbee. This thick potato chips with melty cheese is blended perfectly with pizza flavor. You are sure to enjoy!

Calbee Pizza Chips (Hot & Spicy)
Calbee卡樂B Pizza辣味厚切薯片

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This is other popular potato chip from Calbee and this is a new edition with Hot & Spicy. This thick potato chips with melty cheese is blended perfectly with pizza flavor with hot spices. You are sure to enjoy!

Lay’s Potato Chips
樂事 北海道盐味香浓起司味薯片

Make with cheese from daily farm in Hokkaido in Japan. It come with a unique salty fragrance and the richness of cheese.

Morinaga My Dear Galette Sand

The very hard to get "Galette sandwich with rare cheesecake" is now here

The taste of rare cheese was very satisfying. The aroma of cheese is very unique and the slightly hard feeling of biscuits were combined very well together. It goes well with tea or coffee.

Nissin Cheese Curry Instant Noodle
カップヌードル 欧風チーズカレー

This is a really unique and tasty flavor of cup noodles from Japan. A limited time item from Nissin, the well known creators of Cup Noodle! This special version of their curry cup noodle has bits of cheese throughout!

Julie’s Cracker (Cheese)

A favourite among all ages, Cheese Sandwich is a crispy, golden baked and lightly salted round cracker sandwiched with a mildly sweet and salty cheese cream.

Crown Saltine Cracker (Cheese Cream)
크라운 뉴 참아이엔지 치즈크림 샌드

I love saltine crackers because it is the kind of snack that you have when you are not that hungry or didn't want an extremely guilty junk food.Coupled with cheese cream, you get a flavourful saltine crackers that is not too sinful!

Crown Saltine Cracker (Cheese Lemon)
크라운 참아이엔지 크래커 치즈레몬향

I love saltine crackers because it is the type of snack that you will go for when you are feeling just a slight hunger pang but do not want anything sinful. With Lemon cheese cream, it is just a tad sourish but useful in helping you to increase your appetite.

Paldo Cheese Fromage Ramyum

The noodles are extremely good – The noodle is thick like normal ramyun but a little less chewy. The broth is excellent, this noodle is spicy but the cheese powder softens the spicy blow but doesn’t overwhelm it. The two intermingle in the broth and engorge the noodle with a good flavor.  I rate it 5.0 out of 5.0

Samyang Carbo Hot Chicken Flavour Ramen (Cup)
삼양 까르보나라 불닭볶음면

This Samyang version of spicy noodles is rated 5/5 by independent reviewers. It is creamier than the usual Samyang spicy noodles and it has a subtle sweet taste to it. As a sucker for cute packaging, I gave this a try. The noodles are chewier as compared to other Samyang instant ramen. It is quite spicy though creamy. All carbo lovers, take note of this product!

Ottogi Cheese Ramen

Cheese ramen - it is the kind of ramen that leaves you craving for it. What is special about this Ottoggi Cheese Ramen is that it has a hint of spiciness with the gentle savoury aroma of cheese, all in a creamy texture.

Samyang Hot Chicken Cheese Flavour Ramen
치즈 불닭볶음면

This catches your attention, doesn't it? This cute chick eating cheese cannot be underestimated! This cheese flavored creamy Fire ramen will give you the same BURNING sensation as the Original Fire Chicken Buldak Ramen, with a dash of CHEESE!  Made in South Korea, each packet comes with a potent hot sauce, cheese powder and two garnishing sachets (sesame and seaweeds). So yummy!!!

Chitato Potato Chips (Cheese Flavour)

To this naive Western palate, these Chips were a bit of a culture shock. Chitato is synonymous with Indonesia and it have a very unique cheese taste.
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Malaysia Double Decker Cheese Ring

A very unique classic cheese rings from Malaysia.