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Feast Egg Prata Fish Curry Chips

This product is directly shipped from Singapore. No dipping needed. If you fave about the crispiness of prata and the fragrance of fish curry, you need not wait further. The crinkle-cut chips are made with European potatoes, and are produced in a halal-certified factory in Malaysia.

Feast Singapore Laksa Chips

$5.99 $5.50
This product is directly shipped from Singapore. Singapore Laksa is a thick, spicy noodle soup of the Peranakan cuisine. Perfect for rainy days. Found in different variations across Asia, Singapore's take on this dish comes with a distinct taste of coconut milk and a hint of dried shrimps, featuring thick vermicelli cut into short pieces and eaten with a spoon. Slurp now crunch.

Feast Hainanese Chicken Rice Chips

$5.99 $5.50
This product is directly shipped from Singapore. Hainanese Chicken Rice is widely considered to be one of Singapore's national dishes. No food court is complete without it. Adapted over time with local influences to its method of preparation, this beloved dish traces its origins to the island of Hainan in southern China. If you like chicken rice, you will love this.