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Haitai Shindangdong Rice Cake Topokki Snack

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Are you a topokki lover? This is something you must try! These chips taste like spicy tteokbokki, complete with crunchy texture. Slightly sweet, with a hint of heat at the end, give them a try if you intrigued about tteokbokki in the form of snacking chips! Love them!

Haitai Mat Dong San (Korea Traditional Peanuts Cookies)

Directly Imported from Korea This crunchy Korean peanut cookie is most Koreans grew up with. They’re called Matdongsan (맛동산) cookies, and were created in 1975 by the Haitai company. It’s a fried cookie covered in a light coating of sticky syrup. They are crunchy, nutty, sweet and irresistible. You will not believe such a delicious thing existed in the world after your first try. A lot of Koreans agree, and many of us grew up eating Matdongsan cookies.

Haitai Baked Potato Crackers

Everyone like baked potato. Incredibly crunchy Korean snack biscuits in the flavor of baked potato! Buttery flavor that is savory, not too salty, and reminds us of roasted potatoes!

Haitai-Calbee Honey Butter Potato Chips
ハニーバターチップ ポテトチップ

Have you eaten this before? This is a blockbuster product! By Haitai and Calbee, this honey butter potato chip is addictive and brings you to a new level of enjoyment. It is as light as it is flavourful so you would not likely how fast you are popping these crunchy goodness into your mouth.

Haitai Butter Ring
버터 링

Butter rings are always a classic. Dip them in coffee and tea, have a bite and let the butter aroma spreads in your mouth. When I open this box of Butter Rings, it the aroma of Butter is so prevalent that I seem to be standing in front of bakery shops in Korea!

Haitai Ace Crackers
해태 에이스 크래커

HaiTai Ace Crackers are raved by reviews of its very smooth texture and it is light enough to go in between meals. Coupled it with coffee, as the picture suggests, and be blessed with a perfect mid afternoon break.

Korean Haitai Prawn Cracker

A very unique classic prawn crackers from Korea.