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Lot100 Mango Flavoured Gummy

$4.95 $3.95
Lot100 Gummy is one of Malaysia's most popular gummies. They come in variety of flavour - Blackcurrant, Strawberry, Apple, Mango. Chewy fruit candies with a refreshing sweet taste, contains Vitamin C, individually wrapped.The Lot100 Mango gummy is the most popular among all.

7D Mangorind

7D Dried Mangoes are the world's favorite snacks since 1978! Now they have created another all time favourite "7D Mangorind". Chewy, fruity, sweet and sour treat made of mangoes and tamarind fruit.

Pocky Mango
Pocky マンゴー味

Do you know someone who loves mango? Get this as a simple gift for him or her. Pocky's mango flavour is not often available on supermarket's shelves so we know that this is something that we have to carry. Biscuit sticks coated with Manago Flavour cream to make such a simple snack refreshing and irresistible.