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Lotte Choco Pie (Orange)

The popular Choco Pie is now available in Orange flavor! Inside these delicious rounds of chocolate are two chocolate cakes infused with a orange flavour. Sandwiched between the two soft cakes is marshmallow. When you pop them in a microwave oven for a merely 10 seconds. The chocolate gets gooey, so be prepared for it! And the marshmallow expands. The Orange flavour is intensified. Each box has 12 individually packed Choco Pie. They are perfect for breakfast, tea or supper.

Kanro Pure Gummy (Orange Tea)

Kanro is famous in Japan for creating candies and gummies. The gummies are very popular due to being made from 100% fruit puree. These candies have no artificial color or flavors added to them. If you're a fan of fruit candies, we highly recommend them!