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Calbee Limited Edition Salted egg Crabroe

Calbee Pizza Chips (Salted Egg Crabroe)

Calbee's local series Fukui edition. Calbee has released “Grilled Heshiko Flavor” in Fukui Prefecture as the third project to develop “locally unique” potato chips in 47 prefectures. It is only available for a limited time! These are limited in production.
calbee pizza chips

Calbee Pizza Melty Cheese Chips
Calbee卡樂B Pizza味厚切薯片

Calbee Pizza Melty Cheese Chips is one of an ever-green, most popular potato chips from Calbee. These thick potato chips with melty cheese is blended perfectly with pizza flavor. You are sure to enjoy!

Lay’s Thai Potato Chips (Khua Kling Curry Pizza)

Lay's Thailand presents. An creation by a Thai celebrity chef and MasterChef Thailand judge Ian Kittichai. He created this flavor by imagining what it would taste like if you made a pizza with this Southern Thai curry on top, threw it in a blender, dried it, ground it in a spice mill, and sprinkled it on potato chips. This potato chip is exactly like it.

Pretz Pizza Flavour
プリッツ ピザ味

Pizza - oven-baked bread topped with tasty tomato sauce and cheddar cheese, is a staple food in Australia. We eat it for lunch and dinner as they are so affordable and they taste good. Well, now you can have pizza as your snack too, and it won't be too filling because it comes in the form of biscuit sticks.