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Pretz From Japan (Fried Chicken)

Everyone like Fried Chicken and how about Fired Chicken in a stick Indulge in some juicy fried chicken with these delicious biscuit sticks! Each crunchy long piece has an accurately tasty fried chicken flavor.
glico pretz smoked cheese

Pretz From Japan (Smoked Cheese)

Everyone like Cheese and how about Cheese in a stick Indulge in some flavorsome smokedcheese with these delicious biscuit sticks!

Glico Pretz Osatsu Sweet Potato
グリコ プリッツ おさつ

A lot of sweet potato was sprinkled in as coating. This first bite of this Pretz flavour reminds me of baked sweet potato in Japan. Please enjoy sweet and fragrant, sweet and savory taste all in one mouthful.

Pretz Tom Yum Flavour

Tom Yum - a Thai signature soup with distinct herb ingredients, hot and spicy with chilli, lemon, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves and galangal, is now on crispy biscuit sticks. I like drinking Tom Yum soup in cold weather. Now, I wonder if this will actually be a good snack in cold weather too.

Glico Tomato Pretz
グリコ トマトプリッツ

These Tomato Sticks are great with everything. Must have in everyone's pantry!! It is a tasty and crunchy biscuit cracker with a flavourful tomato twist.

Pretz Pizza Flavour
プリッツ ピザ味

Pizza - oven-baked bread topped with tasty tomato sauce and cheddar cheese, is a staple food in Australia. We eat it for lunch and dinner as they are so affordable and they taste good. Well, now you can have pizza as your snack too, and it won't be too filling because it comes in the form of biscuit sticks.