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Nissin Chili Tomato Cup Noodle
カップヌードル チリトマトヌードル

The ramenrater voted it 4.0 out of 5.0 stars. Mild tomato soup is made to blend perfectly with the chili paste kick for a tasty meal! The broth’s flavor is definitely a very spicy tomato one. Very rich and flavorful. The inclusion of cabbage, chunks of pork and other niceties round everything out and make it a hard one to put down.

Crusty’s Singapore Tomato Potato Chip with Salted Egg

$12.75 $10.95
The original creation from Crusty's Singapore Secret Recipe. Crusty's is one of the top few brands of Salted Egg Snacks in Singapore, much of its fame from their innovation to come up with irresistible and innovative flavours. They impressed us through their use of top quality ingredients and spices. They are also 100% free from artificial flavourings and preservatives. In your very first bite, you will find that their Salted Egg is not too dry and their flavour is in a right amount.

Glico Tomato Pretz
グリコ トマトプリッツ

These Tomato Sticks are great with everything. Must have in everyone's pantry!! It is a tasty and crunchy biscuit cracker with a flavourful tomato twist.

Thailand Famous Tomato Flavoured Cracker

A simple chips with a simple look of package comes with a special tomato taste with no spicy but sweet, salty and a little sour which gives you a hint of the flavour that you can enjoy. A "finger lickin' good" choice of Thai Snack.