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Want Want Rice Crackers

Want Want Senbei is made with Japonica rice and soy. It is a flavourful, crispy snack, baked not fried, cholesterol free. This is an evergreen and popular snack because it is light and it comes in individual packaging for easy carrying around and you are under no pressure to finish it (although it is so delicious that you will be addicted to it). Best Before Date: 5 December 2019

Want Want Purple Sweet Potato Rice Crackers (Corn Cheese Flavour)

Want Want Purple Sweet Potato Senbei is a deviation from its more famous sibling, the original savoury rice cracker. This item is much more flavourful because it makes use of purple sweet potato which has a more intense and sweeter flavour as compared to white potato starch. In addition, to make it a tad more savoury, the biscuits have corn cheese flavouring sprinkle on it. Best Before Date: 1 December 2019