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Thailand Tamarind Jelly

$3.95 $3.45
Tamarind jelly is a popular for local people in Thailand. This product chooses the best quality of Thai fruit to get the best taste and flavor. Tamarind is one of the famous tropical fruit that has its own unique special benefit and taste.

Jiabao Preserved Plum

Preserved plums are not just for the pregnant! We love them because it has a complex flavour of sourish, sweetness and even, saltiness. Jia Bao, famed for taking an innovative approach to snacks has make this preserved plums into a super popular snacks among Asian around the world.

Jiraporn Solar Dried Natural Banana (Round)

Jiraporn Solar Dried Natural Banana is as close to real banana as you can get. Forget crunchy type of dried banana snacks. Jirapormn has the real deal here. This snack comes with individual packaging which makes it easy for you to carry around!