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Orion Choco Boy
오리온 ‘초코송이’

Mushroom shaped chocolate on a short biscuit stick, Choco boy is like its Japanese counterpart, Kinoko No Yama in terms of shape and appearance. In a taste test, people actually prefer Choco boy to Kinoko No Yama because the chocolate is sweeter and waxier (though I think it is less chocolaty). This is great taste for an affordable price!

Orion O! Karto Chili Flavour Potato Chips

Orion O! Karto Chili Potato Chips challenged the conventional potato chips market because it is in the form of hollow potato sticks! It breaks and crunches at first bite and gently melts in your mouth.

Orion Soy Sauce Chicken Chips
오리온 간장 치킨 칩

Orion! Soy Sauce Chicken Potato Chips is a transformation of popular Korean soy sauce chicken to a snack. For those of you who can never get enough of Korean soy sauce chicken but not always near a store selling it, your wish has been answered!

Orion Turtle Chip (Sweet Corn)
오리온 꼬북칩 콘스프맛

Am I the only one who is attracted to this turtle chips like a bee to honey? This Orion's turtle chips fly off the shelves and for a good reason. This product comes after 8 years of research and product development by Orion, as they bring texture trend to the snack industry. With 4 layers of crisps, you bite into one mouth and it is endless 'chomp chomp'. This version of turtle chips snack has a sweet taste to it which will remind you of corn soup!

Orion My Gummy Grape
오리온 마이구미

Chewy natural fruit jelly candy from Korea, you are going to love Orion My Gummy Grape. With authentic natural Grape flavor, this foreign snack is not your typical gummy treat. No gummy is more satisfying than gummies from Orion, and this holds up to that promise because it is so adorably shape, chewy and juicy with every bite. Obsessed with this gummy!

Orion Squid Peanuts (202 grams)

We absolutely love these peanuts. They taste great on their own or as a side dish or appetizer. These roasted peanuts are coated with a crispy squid seasoned coating for extra umami flavour. They are deliciously savoury and aromatic.