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Ribon Soft Plum & Super Sour Candies

The famous Ribon sour candies. It is a soft salty plum-flavored candies with a super sour plum paste inside. The Japanese sure love their sour candies! These candies are flavored with pickled plum, a fruit known as umeboshi in Japan.

Umeboshi No Sheet Plum Candy

This product is shipped directly from Japan. Umeboshi' s No Sheet Plum Candy is made into a sheet by crushing the fruit part of Umeboshi while retaining the crispy texture of Umeboshi. By giving it a hint of light sweet finish, even those who are not a fan of sourness taste will be hooked onto this delicious plum candy. Adults or children, please enjoy a slightly sweet and sour plum pickled sheet.

Maltose Plum Candy

This is a Retro Childhood Nostalgia snack, only that it enjoys worldwide popularity. Taste the good old days. Its appearance may not look good but when you taste one, you would understand what it means by 'looks are deceiving'. A plum gem wrapped inside hard maltose sugar, you get small bursts of sourish taste mixed with sweetness. The maltose shell may melt slightly during shipment but all you have to do is to put it in the fridge for 10 minutes before enjoying it.    

Nin Jiom Herbal Candy Lemongrass
京都念慈菴枇杷糖- 檸檬草味

$7.65 $6.95
Nin Jiom is a brand synonymous with quality throughout the world. This herbal candy is formulated from a variety of natural herbs with lemon grass and lime concentrate to refresh and soothe throat. Packed in a nicely designed tin case.