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Koikeya Potato Chips (Roast Shrimp Garlic)

The Koikeya Craft Potato Chips Taste the distinct combination of roasted shrimp head’s shell and fragrant garlic with these crispy corn sticks! This Spring 2020 edition is made with love by the Koikeya craftsmen.

Pokka Soup (Shrimp)

"Pokka Soup" is not your normal packet instant soup.  It is a thick, deep-boiled prawn bisque where you can taste overwhelming prawn texture and rich luxurious taste.  It is not far from restaurant's standard, according to reviews. Better still, they only take a minute to make and you can have it in the comfort of your home. So yummy. So good.

Paldo Shrimp Flavoured Chip

These Shrimp chips from Korea are wonderfully flavourful with a seafood unami taste and an excellent crunchy texture. It is very delicious.

Mama Shrimp Tom Yum (Jumbo Pack)

No Tom Yum instant noodle brand can replace that of Mama. We are serious about our food and to us, Mama is the true taste of Thailand. It is very appetising and has a bold Tom Yum flavour that will delight all Tom Yum fans. If you are after a mouth of real Thai food, there is no other more authentic options out there (of course, unless you have a Thai chef at home). This item is a Jumbo pack (90g).

Singapore Myojo Char Mee (Prawn Fried Noodles)

$1.85 $1.35
Item is sold in single pack. This in one of the Singapore flavoured noodle. Myojo is one of Singapore's homegrown brands. And of course, they released Char Mee Dry, one of the Singaporean's soul dish. The quality of this Fried Prawn noodles is what people would expect from a restaurant and definitely not a instant one . The taste is a bit of buttery and sweet as well and it is not spicy.

Penang Har Mee

$1.85 $1.15
The quality of this Prawn Soup noodles is what people would expect from a restaurant and definitely not a instant one . The broth has a very rich and luxuriant prawn flavor, the depth and heartiness of the soup is like it’s been cooking for hours instead of minutes. Har Mee is a true local authentic street food in Penang, a town in Malaysia famous for her many streets eat delicacies. This is very very Prawn

Manora Fried Shrimp Chips

Fried shrimp chips are one of the Thais’ favorite snacks and it's not hard to see why. Shrimp chips seem to be always so addictive because they are light and flavourful. With so many different brands to try, though, Manora fried shrimp chips are one of the best-selling brands in Thailand. Locals or foreigners tout it as the most authentic and best tasting shrimp chips.

Thailand Rice Cracker (Shrimp with Brown Rice)

Halal Thailand Songlae Cuttlefish with Salted Egg Red Brown Rice Shrimp Cracker Red Brown Rice can helps us to strengthen the digestive system and regularise bowel movement.

Indonesia Chilli Spring Roll

Stash this in your food drawer with a classic snack on the ready. Each crispy morsel is packed with the spicy-sweet flavours of hae bee hiam (spicy dried shrimp sambal) — shiok!
Kasugai ebi peanuts

Kasugai Ebi Peanuts (Shrimp)

Kasugai Ebi Peanuts (Shrimp) We absolutely love these Ebi Peanuts from Kasugai. They taste great on their own or as a side dish or appetizer. They are deliciously savoury and aromatic.