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Kusuka Cassava Chip (Sweet Corn) 180g

No more frowning! KUSUKA Cassava Chips Sweet Corn comes to sweeten up your day. The sweetness from corn kicks in with the savoury taste in the end, makes a good combination that leave you nothing but a smile.

Orion Turtle Chip (Sweet Corn)
오리온 꼬북칩 콘스프맛

Am I the only one who is attracted to this turtle chips like a bee to honey? This Orion's turtle chips fly off the shelves and for a good reason. This product comes after 8 years of research and product development by Orion, as they bring texture trend to the snack industry. With 4 layers of crisps, you bite into one mouth and it is endless 'chomp chomp'. This version of turtle chips snack has a sweet taste to it which will remind you of corn soup!